I am excited to add the Homeschool curriculum to my business! I have been teaching young children from the ages of 5 and up since 2006! I have been a Chef for over 35 years and have been self employed for over 15 years. I have opened several restaurants/bakeries. I was also a consultant for the K-12 school district here in Louisiana and California. I feel that the most rewarding accomplishment in my life is teaching children how to cook!  Giving them a life skill that they can use every day of their life! I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life to continue the education of cooking with the Homeschoolers!

It is important for children to learn cooking skills which directly relates to making the correct healthy food choices! So in order for kids to have a healthy life we need to teach them how to create healthy meals. They will feel like they have accomplished something by preparing it with their own two hands!

Each class will consist of food safety, how to use small & large appliances, following a recipe, personal hygiene, communication and relationship skills, role playing, demonstrations and much more! Your child will receive a recipe card and a review of what they learned for the day! I encourage the students and parents to review with them what they learned and to practice at home. Because we all know practice makes perfect!!!

Each class will learn the Curriculum below. Class average is about 2 hours per week, or every 2 weeks or monthly.  Whatever you would like to choose. Also, we are available for half days or full days.  Half days could be lunch and dessert for example. Full days would consist of Breakfast, Lunch and Dessert! Choosing what types of food will be up to the class/moderator and of course what your budget is for that particular day!

Home School Curriculum

Culinary Terminology

How to read a Recipe

Food Preparation


Food History

Cold Food & Hot Food Presentation

Safe Food Handling

Hygiene in the Kitchen

Knife Safety

Advanced Class

Culinary Math

Grocery list

Cost out Recipes

How to create a Menu for the Family

Recipe Conversion

HACCP – More depth of Food Safety

Knowledge of Spices – smell & texture

Making the foods that your family likes to eat is really important to me! Choosing foods your child actually enjoys is a great way to keep them interested. So when planning the menu and what foods they would like to cook, I found it easier to begin by choosing a particular category. Here are a few choices I have for your child to choose. 


Eggs – (Learning how to cook eggs over easy, over medium, over hard, poached, basted, and boiled)

Pancakes – a scratched batter

Breakfast Casseroles

And lots more!

Theme Day

Italian Day (to include making pasta from scratch)

Fried Fish Friday

Stir Fry Day

Air Fryer Day

Taco Tuesday

Pizza Party (to include making pizza crust from scratch)

Instant Pot Party

One Pot Cooking

Crockpot Monday (Casserole)

Dessert day (Cookies, brownies, birthday cakes, etc)

Holiday Themes

November – Cooking a Turkey & Pies

December – Variety of food & Desserts

February – Soups

March – Italian Food

April – Fish and Easter Treats

May – Mexican Food

Food Science

Making Healthy Choices

Science Experiments 

Growing Herbs

These are just a few examples of Categories and Theme Days for your group to choose from! It’s endless to say the least!

We also encourage families to have their child cook them lunch/dinner for one of the class preparations. We will come up with a budget per family and schedule this in advance to be able to send food home for their family to enjoy!

Cost depending on how many students are attending, how many hours we are cooking and what menu you choose (the price is really based on what meat is chosen to prepare that day for example seafood)

Based on a 2 hour class:

Students (once a month)

1 to 5      $30 each 

6 to 10    $25 each

10 to 15  $20 each

Students (bi weekly)

1 to 5      $25 each

6 to 10    $20 each

10 to 15  $15 each

Students (once a week)

1 to 5      $20 each

6 to 10    $18 each

10 to 15  $15 each

Call today to register your homeschool students! 504-669-4966

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